Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Randomizer Nuzlocke Versus – #02

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DannyEX - PC and Xbox Strategy Gaming!

I love how Luke said the pseudo legendarys were Garchomp, TYRANITAR, etc XD


Congratulations! Your NPC just evolved into an

Hadi Plays

Im new to the channel luke are you playing heartgold or soulsilver

DannyEX - PC and Xbox Strategy Gaming!

If I tried this, I would have died in 2 episodes. Lost. Out. But you guys,
Kanto and over. You sir, have earned a subscriber.

Itz Izzy

Elder – Li. haha am I the only one that got that?


Okay so I just randomized a hg or my own to play along, and here i am
sitting at the beginning of the game laughing my ass off because mom goes
“Oh what a cute pokemon you have there” with a fucking kabutops following


Polywag more like polyswag


lololololololol a spile is something you stick in a tree to get sap out!
So, sorta watery anyhow!


Thats 1 Disliker On This Vid Should Die
+ You Got Yourself 1 New Subscriber

Gary Cross

Is there a link for heart gold randomiser or is it cheats?

Alec Comito

Spile: The word that is supposed to mean spiral but Grant wanted to make it
different so he made up the spile……. And my cookie XD

Cody Mount

Allow legendaries


Hey grant “That’s cause you’re shit” lolololol


Poliwag death. XD This is going good! ;D #TEAMGBLUKE


Damn Luke, you’re gettin some good Pokemon :D


I vote for you to use legendarys 😀 it’s fun watching you guys trying to
catch them xD


#TeamGrant needs a twitter. Make it happen, Mint boy!




Finally! y u no do daily video


how do i randomize it


So we can see who is going to win by who is catching pokemon

jesper de lemos

When do you think you can get the next one up… really impressed with how
much you’ve grown :)

Kaychu Sparks

I think that, if it is your first encounter on a Route, you’re allowed to
catch a Legendary.

If you don’t want it or you think it’s overpowered, you can try once more
on that Route.

jake marchese

New video?


And yes i know its twister


Noooo Luke use poliwrath 

Ryan White

If you encounter a legendary, then don’t bother with it. Flee and it
doesn’t count as a Pokemon in that route. The next one you find that isn’t
a legendary is what you try catch. 

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