Minecraft – MacGubbins – Cheat Police #16 (Yogscast Complete Mod Pack)

Minecraft mods fun! Sjin lightens up the archives with some rainbow lamps as the two discuss future plans! Previous: …

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Richard Kaskiewicz

sjin, you do know indigo isn’t a colour in a rainbow


50% longer than usual? AWESOME!


Hey, you guys seem to be having trouble mining out large areas, why not use
the lazier drill from resonant induction, it totally won’t crash the
server. >:D

Arry Martin

What turrets are you using because in jaffa quest i think the guys set
themselves as hosts or something and the it shoots anything but them 🙂
would love to say for sure but i dont have that mod installed!

Joey Hawk

Bigass Slipknot fan here, and every song does not sound alike. Only idiots
think so… Real musical minds hear a diffrence. 

Meesh_Mellow / LameGamez

is slipknot really popular that much? Am I a bad person for liking them?


Sjin lightens up the archives with some rainbow lamps we discuss future


I only watched this video because annoying Kim isn’t involved #kimout 


If You Listen very Closely you can hear Sjin echo haha [Im not critisising
or hating im just mentioning 😉 ]

Sir Shtoobs

The Richard of York gave battle in vain is great. Although considering that
I’m American I don’t know why I know it…


So are they ever actually going to go after the cheaters?

big murda

When are you guys gonna actually go after the cheats?


It Should be: Richard of york gave battle in vain.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet


That painting has a triangle with an eye on it and Sjin talks about

Half Life 4 confirmed

Koa Pāhonohono

Is sjin in the Illuminati?


Not sure if it’s because Sips is super lazy with editing, or that Sjin’s
POV was super boring… but I feel like it’s the former, hence the never
ending story of excavation :P

Danny Arof



I can guarantee that 90% of the viewership are too young to know what
Rainbow is…

Callum Gray

Am i the only one who saw the next time bit and just died…

Alex Dunlop

ROYGIBV (red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, violet) that’s how I
remember it (Roy-jee-Biv)

Hydra Blade

*cough* Indigo isnt a colour of the rainbow *cough*

matthew clare

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My house is on fire
So are you.

Ducky Turner

sjin didn’t do a proper rainbow


“If it’s brown, then it’s going down.”

Ellis Friths

The throne looks SHIT.

Aerugo Friamont

Rainbow lights in the THRONE OF JUSTICE (justice-justice-justice)?

Zoey would fuckin love it here


I’m not sure I like how they turned Throne of Justice into the Disney
Castle in the next episode.

hunter spinks

Will the cheat police need to get a magic license from the magic police to
use magic to help detain prisoners and for there magical archives? 

bob bob

Rainbow is the best, rainbow dash approves of this.

Gus Redman

why are you guys cheating?. You guys were retarded and now you’e
hypocrites. And besides, you couldn’t arrest a dead slug if you tried, and
also you guys don’t understand half the things you are building, and you do
know that 1/2 the people on the server have nukes and missiles. You’re not
off to a good start, if it’s even a start at all.

Sincerely yours

Augustus Benedict Walter Redman MXVIII

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