[11] Your right to farm, Walmart’s slow demise, robots taking our jobs and more

Team Redacted reveals the real reason behind Right To Farm bills and the decline of Wal-Mart. Sam Sacks gets a robot to do his job, and John F. O'Donnell emb…

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WalMart has reported lower net earnings lately for several reasons:

1. Increased costs for health care for its employees.

2. Increased investment in its online sales infrastructure.

3. The fact that half of American families have no net worth or a negative
net worth, and that roughly half the families never recovered from the
Great Recession. Many millions of Americans have no savings at all and are
broke. They go into a WalMart to buy groceries, and then they get out.

4. Most Americans already own big-screen TV’s, computers, smart phones, and
lots of other Chinese-made digital toys…..This is called a “mature
market;” —– There is no wonderful, hot new thing to buy right now. So,
when you stroll into the consumer electronics section of your local WalMart
Supercenter, you will see little traffic there. The foot traffic is over
in personal care products, the pharmacy, and the grocery section.

WalMart’s presence is so huge, that it accurately reflects the status of
the general economy—-At least half of Americans are broke, living
paycheck-to-paycheck (or government check-to-government check).

However, to argue that WalMart is “in a demise” is bullcrap—-Its recent
performance merely reflects a consumer economy that never fully recovered
from the Great Recession.

Alex G

who gives a shit if robots take over the menial no skill jobs, get an
actual fucking job you low iq dunce.


This host is a fuckin douchebag. lol


Regarding the resource-based economy and flat compensation for workers, I
don’t think the solution is more consumption for everyone. This planet has
~7 billion people, and it’s still increasing. If everyone on this planet
consumed as much as the average American, then our planet (with current
technological limitations) will be horribly polluted and damaged.

In addition, this planet has lots of idiots. At least a large minority of
people on this planet do NOT have the intelligence to succeed in a hi-tech
society. Some people actually prefer a simple way of life. These two
groups of people should be allowed to live a low-tech, low-consumption
lifestyle, sort of like the Amish.

The cost of living should be kept especially low for these people. These
people also need humane population control. Otherwise, America will
devolve into Brazil. If the degradation continues, then America will
become India. If the stupidity continues, then America will become


Why does RT not give this show its own youtube channel? Every other show on
RTAmerica has its own youtube channel. Why not this one?


Hahaha awesome as always Lee!

Rory Colgan

Great show guys. Funny as usual.


Excellent vid +LeeCamp2 !

lee comstock

Awesome episode, loved it :3


8:30 so worker productivity increases due to technology which creates more
profit for the corporations which as “returned to workers in the form of
higher wages”… I think he meant returned to CEO’s or returned to Wall
Street in terms of profits.


this show keeps getting better! good job guys…


It’s sad how people are so interested in short monetary gains, they forget
at the long detriments they have on the environment and ecosystem. This
dogmatic generation has lost their way. Robots are predicted to replace
people, cause it’s cheaper. People will most likely work fewer hours to
this, but for how much? No one knows. 

jamie murmann

I really dont like John F. O’donnel. He is not funny. You kind of have to
put everything you here on this station through your internal bullshit o


What happened to my scathing indictment of multinationals, that pointed out
the masses will be the new Indians, and the need for political activism? 

Bradley Coates

OK this show is full of shit. I don’t need them selling me white guilt,
that’s what my Canadian government is for. RT this show sucks!!!

Matthew Meditz

Lee camp and RT are capitalizing on the fear mongering that Infowars has
developed its bottom-line from. “Robot take-over” REally? Ever hear of
the industrial revolution? That is an era when machines started to replace
man. Actually, when slavery was abolished, that motivated Eli Whitney to
invent the cotton gin. People really need to learn how to argue. I cannot
dumb myself down enough to explain this to every person. In conclusion I
will say this: Most people who support shows like this are the same people
who are letting the world burn. They are followers and not critical
thinkers; let alone leaders. These people are exploiting the ignorant
public; they are not supporting the ignorant public.


Why exactly is there so much hate for this crew? Can’t you haters see that
getting this kind of news out to the sheeple is a fucking challenge? Isn’t
that why we are all here, because we want to be educated on current events
and real news and wish the majority was doing the same?

Well guess what, you need shows like this to reach to a different
demographic! Stop being arrogant assholes because RT is putting out media
that doesn’t fit you. It’s all a step in the right direction.


Not bad…

Jay hernan

They should have Russell Brand have a segment!

Bob Lake

American factory farming is why I never buy any food from the US. And the
rest of the world is moving in that direction.
You can keep your puss infected milk and poisonous GMOs

Andrew Leeder

Awesome show as always guys! Loved it! 

chain grey

8:55 .. i love how during their “technology increases leading to increased
worker profitability leading to increased profits that return to workers in
the form of higher wages” moment, they graph right up-up and up and up
until 1970s, then stop because workers wages stay flat.. oh wait,they
eventually get to that, good.

Alice M Kean

You guys keep insulting this guy but it doesn’t change the fact that he
cares about America and the world.

Michael Crane

okay. seriously? I clicked on this video to learn about current happenings
and issues but instead I got this ridiculous clusterfuck of a news report.
the host is fucking terrible

mick hunt

the blond guy kills the funny every episode. ahhhhh

Nonya Baeznus

Another great show! The comedic timing gets better each week, but more
importantly thanks for bringing us news stories that mainstream media won’t
or can’t cover. It’s so nice to have a news show that entertainingly
discusses the major issues of our day and isn’t afraid to mention topics
like a resource based economy.

Murilo Barretto


Max Huth

I was about to say, pickles on trees…

Joshua Keeney

John combed his hair or got a hair cut

Tommy Verceti

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Winter Wonderland

80% thumbs up 🙂 The trolls need to leave. They lost the “this sucks”

Hydro Teddy

John looks like a 16 y/o


The laugh track is annoying.


The new mininum wage will have robots serving you your meal. This guy is so
not funny, just annoying. RT get a real comedian if that is the route you
are on.

John Adams

American citizens have a right to representation. If you’re not a citizen,
what bearing does American rights have on you?

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