Minecraft – Flux Buddies #40 – Making Poppets (Yogscast Complete Mod Pack)

Minecraft Mod Adventure time! Having got the necessary blood from her victims, Kim gets on with making a selection of poppets, whilst Duncan dabbles with lasers. Previous Episode: https://www.yout…

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*Kim, which is better !!!*


More Flux Buddies! Having acquired the necessary blood from my victims, I
get on with making a selection of poppets, while Duncan dabbles with

Thomas Karlberg Molvik

I’m playing on a voltz server (haxyshideout), and it has been down for
almost 2 weeks for a wierd reason so i just wnna know if someone here in
the youtube world now why.

Nathan Brooks

Make some invisibility potions Kim so you can tag lock them secretly!

Bart Postma

what hatcorp episode was that in?


Magical. Great video guys! 


You need like 50 lasers. Plus maybe 50 more laserplus lasers. Also, maybe
build a quarryplus, if you don’t want a digital miner, since it’s much

Ben Thorn



The fact that Duncan did not see the easier recipes for the advanced and
basic processors and now uses the BC silicon laser makes me want to rip my
dick off.

The Bountyhunter

You didn’t need an assembly table…

Kevin S.

Well Kim, I can’t blame Lewis for falling for it, there’s no way to detect
sarcasm or stuff like that in Minecraft and the house was behind him


Does Kim have any of Duncan’s blood? It might be useful to make a Duncan
voodoo poppet and then they could test how they work on him.


I love that thumbnail. Seeing that old-school Sjin face almost brought a
tear in my eye.


You don’t actually need a assembly table. You can make it using normal
crafting by making a processor assembly (or something like that) and then
smelting that in a normal oven. Always handy to check the alternatives
using the arrows on the top and bottom of NEI.


Hearing Kim saying “mate” is so strange. I always get reminded of Strippin.

Tom Muir

69th like

sam farley

You do realise that Sjin can just watch this video and get the password for
the chest!


6:00 sounds like Strippin xD

Nunya Buissness

Lately the question is becoming more and more about which side Duncan will
fight on in the coming war. Lewis and Simon, or with Kim. 

Oli Smith

202 view 

Adam Toner

Soooo, what was the point of the voodoo dolls?

Joshua Brierley-King

Why not keep all of your pop pets and blood inside a luggage which is kept
inside another luggage, then you can always get it and no one will think to
look there 

Armani Ortiz

I know this is kind of random but shark the movie

Garrett C. Williamson

Now anyone can get your passwore from watching a video.



Beth Dawson

Kim – she’ll steal your sugar and your blood ! 


Ima firin muh lazors!!!


Would it be possible to combine an automated mandrake farm with a blood
magic ritual to get the blood from them? Because that would just be
ridiculously magic efficient

Bradly Spaid

I think they need more lasers maybe 1000 lasers 

Amy Brady

These episodes need to be longer!!!!


This is so nostalgic of the tekkit days.

Andrew Nold

Oh! When she was yelling, she was reminding me from that person from
torchwood. Anyone else?

jj schroeder

Do not make

Games and stuff


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