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Minecraft 1.7.10 on Thursday! More Realms!

Hey all!

I just wanted to let you know that 1.7.10 will be released on Thursday and I hope you will enjoy the update. It's mostly new features and fixes for Realms, but who knows what other things it may contain! Personally, I'm really excited about the world uploader. It let's you bring local worlds to Realms so they can be enjoyed by your friends 24/7!

  • World uploader – upload your local world to Realms (finally!)
  • Command blocks! (finally!)
  • Player activity monitor – when and for how long a player has been online (see who plays when you sleep!)
  • Access to more server settings (yey!)
  • Improvements in Realms UI (also yey!)
  • Some bugfixes (why where they put in there in the first place?)
  • And many more… (we just don't want to look lazy, that is why that sentence is in there)


With love,

Realms team @dmarby, @danfrisk@mamirm, and @xlson